Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Rankings 11-20

11- Larry Fitzgerald- A big question at QB and the loss of Boldin has made Fitz drop a little, but still a top wr.

12- DeAngelo Williams- Never really like commity guys but it's the norm today. He is still the lead guy in Carolina. But for how long?

13- Shonn Greene- Greene showed a flash of greatness in the playoffs and has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL in front of him and plays on a team that loves to run. Could be his last year out of the top 5.

14- Ryan Grant- Grant has Rodgers to make defenses concentrate on the pass so as long as he is healthy he should put up solid numbers.

15- Peyton Manning- What really needs to be said?

16- Rashard Mendenhall- With Big Ben out for the start of the year Mendenhall will have the chance to step up. He has the talent but can he last a whole NFL season?

17- Reggie Wayne- Mannings go to guy...nuff said.

18- Brandon Marshall- He has something to prove and might end up with a 30 catch game. He has the whole package. But can he stay together mentally?

19- Tom Brady- The 2nd year after a major surgury like Brady had is usually the year they are back to themselves. So look for a big year from Brady.

20- Randy Moss- Which Moss will show up this year? He wasn't happy and talk of him taking plays off started again last year. So will it be the Patriot Moss or the Raider Moss?

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