Monday, July 26, 2010

New Generation Fans

What has happened to the landscape of sports? There is a new epidemic of loudmouthed, low class, unintelligent, negative sports fans. What happened to the days when you supported your team through good or bad? The days when you made a negative comment about your team you backed it up with facts.In this 30 second highlight era stats have been replaced by bold statements of "you suck".

I am a very open Washington Redskin fan and have suffered for many years now. However I cannot ever remember a time when I would just say they suck. I might complain about the lack of an offensive line or franchise QB but would never make some of the statements I hear from younger fans today. Do fans realize that to really enjoy a championship sometimes you need to suffer? Ask a Red Sox fan how happy they were to finally end the curse. Imagine the pure ecstasy Cub fans would have when the win a World Series. Or ask an "Aints" fan how special last year was to see the Saints win the Super Bowl.

In this generation of video games and the internet I think fans have forgotten what it is to be a fan. Gone are the days of reading the paper and memorizing stats and learning all you can about your team. Gone are the days when you understand winning takes time and the losing is just a part of the journey. I know what it is to suffer and in my own sick way enjoy every second of it because I know when I hear "Hail to the Redskins" playing at the Super Bowl one year, it will have all been worth it. So I ask you sports fans...embrace your teams for good or bad and talk to your parents and grandparents and maybe they will teach you what a real fan is.

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