Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football? (NFC East Predictions)

Hello everyone and it's almost the end of July and and men and women across the world are getting ready for some football. Now let's get this out of the way early, I am a Washington Redskin fan and yes I am biased and yes I hate the Cowboys. But as we approach the new season I will try to put my hatred of the Cowboys aside and look objectively. Right now in Maryland it is hot and humid and I am yearning for the cool days of fall and football. So lets take a look at what I think will happen. In this blog I will talk about the NFC East.

Ok it has to be said, the favorites in the NFC East are the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo seemed to finally step up and take his team to the next level. Miles Austin came out of nowhere to be that big play reciever and the Cowboys are stacked at running back. The defense is solid but I think they tend to give up too many big plays and they did not adress the biggest issue going into the offseason which was the offensive line. I know as a Redskin fan how important the offensive line is. Going into last year the big question about the Skins was the offensive line and as the Gods would have it, The Skins line let us down and were hurt all year. Is that What is in store for the Cowboys this year?

The next stop on our NFC East tour is New York New York. The Giants were a favorite going into last season with a deadly defensive live. But the talent was not backed up by results. Steve Smith stepped up to be Mannings go to guy but just like the Cowboys the Giants offensive line let them down and Brandon Jacobs once again spent most of the season injured. The Giants also did not do a whole lot to upgrade their team in the offseason so I dont expect a whole lot out of them this season.

So that leads us to the Eagles. A team that had enough nerve to trade a future hall of fame QB within the division. They are going to put their faith in Kevin Kolb. What has he shown to make th Eagles think he is the future? Andy Reid is taking a big risk this year. If the Eagles take a step back and Kolb does not lead them to the playoffs will Andy Reid be around next year? Will Kolb to Jackson get the job done? Will The Eagles defense rebound from what could be called a down year last year? The Eagles do have a alot of young talent but I don't think Kolb is a franchise QB and Andy Reid will be fired next year.

Hail to the Redskins!!!! I told you I am biased but now lets look at the Skins. Gone are Jason Campbell, Randel El and a lot of the dead weight the Skins have been carrying around the last few years. In come Donovan McNabb, Trent Williams, Jamal Brown and Mike Shanahan. But who is going to catch the balls from McNabb? Will any of the RBs(Portis, Johnson and Parker) make it through the season? Will a rookie be able to protect McNabbs blindside? The Skins have a lot of questions but I think they are heading in the right direction.

Ok so how do I see things playing out? Can a Redskin fan actually pick the Cowboys to win the NFC East? Actually I think the Cowboys will win the NFC East with a 12-4 record and make a deep run into the playoffs. And even though it may ruin my entire winter, I could see them making it to the Super Bowl. Next I have the Washington Redskins finishing 9-7 and 2nd place in the NFC East. Will that be good enough to get a wild card and a spot in the playoffs? Only time will tell. After the Skins I have the Giants coming in at 8-8. They just did not do a lot to improve a team that has issues. And bringing up the rear will be the Eagles at 4-12 and Eagles fans finally realize what they had in Donovan McNabb. They don't run the ball and have a young QB and you can't be one dimentional unless you have a hall of famer at QB, and he is in DC now.

Until next time....kevin the sports nut


  1. Kevin -

    I think the Giants have a better shot than you think. Good pickups in the defensive backfield, a potentially top flight WR corps and a new defensive coordinator. If Jacobs can stay healthy and Bradshaw can complement him, I think they should be ok. My thoughts:
    1. Cowboys: 11-5
    2. Giants: 10-6
    3. Eagles: 8-8
    4. Skins: 7-9

  2. Ryan thanks for checking in. You make some good points but I disagree. I dont think Jacobs will stay healthy and Bradshaw can't carry the load. The wrs are good but not great and never felt like Eli can carry a team. Congrats on the run a few years ago but do you think that can be duplicated? Good luck and keep checking back in. Love to talk and argue sports.

  3. Hey Kevin.

    Did you see the Monday night Eagles-Redskins game? The Eagles are now 6 and 3, so maybe that 4 and 12 Eagles season prediction needs re-visiting. Eagles fans had an outstanding QB for 11 years with Donovan McNabb, but they have a young speedy team now.