Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Power Rankings 32-20

32. St. Louis Rams- Added Bradford and have Steven Jackson but you cant expect a lot from a rookie QB. But look for them to start at least in the top 20 next year.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Don't think Freeman will ever be a franchise QB and a young coach equal a long season.

30. Buffalo Bills- Once again the Bills don't address the problem behind center and have a horrible offensive line. Should be in the hunt for a top rookie QB next year.

29. Cleavland Browns- A lot of questions on this team. Holmgren will build a winner, just not this year.

28. Detroit Lions- A much improving team but a very tough division. Best is an upgrade at RB and Stafford to Johnson should be big this year. Also didn't they add a talented young DT?

27. Denver Broncos- What is McDaniel gonna do next? Trade Dumerville because he sneezes in a meeting? Am not sold on McDaniel and think he runs this team into the ground.

26. Kansas City Cheifs- Will Cassel step up and be what was expected of him or is he just another Rob Johnson? Will Weis find a way to get the offense going?

25. Jacksonville Jaguars- They play in a very tough division and are maybe average on both sides of the ball.

24. Seattle Seahawks- Will Pete Carroll be just another great college coach that fails in the NFL? He failed once, will it just be a repeat? Not a very talented team with an old QB. Great draft but will take time to develop those young players.

23. Philadelphia Eagles- Trade a Hall of Famer and hand a pass happy offense off to an unproven guy. Does anyone think that's a path to a championship?

22. Oakland Raiders- The Russell era is finally over and Campbell is actually a huge upgrade for this team. He should mean 3-5 more wins.

21. Arizona Cardinals- No more Warner and lose a top LB in Dansby. These will be the Cards we all grew up with. An 8 win season might be tough for them this year.

20. Carolina Panthers- 2 very good RBS but young at QB. And how will the defense replace Peppers? Still I think they could be very good but have to rank them low to start because of questions at QB.

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  1. I DO think that handing the rock to Kevin Kolb is MORE LIKELY to lead us to a Super Bowl championship. Look, everyone in Philly Nation LOVES McNabb but it's still a business and everyone's got an expiration date... look at Westbrook, Dawkins and the list goes on.

    It was a favor to Donovan to dish him to DC but if we don't believe we can win with him, how could we be scared of the Redskins all of a sudden?

    We'll do better than you projected this year. Maybe a wild card spot but likely to miss the playoffs. But with the young receiving core of Maclin, Jackson among others, look out for us in 2-3 seasons.

    Cool blog.
    Philly Fan Dan