Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantasy Football

Just a quick top 10 for fantasy players out there.

1. Adrian Peterson- I don't care if he has problems holding onto the ball. He runs angry and has explosive speed.

2. Ray Rice- Just a stud. Runs hard and can catch the ball out of the backfeild. My pick as #1 fantasy RB by the end of the year and will stay there for next 3-5 years.

3. Chris Johnson- Explosive speed and if he gets into the open feild he can't be stopped. But his size and durability scares me.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew- Not flashy but just a top producer over the last few years.

5. Frank Gore- Will have another break out year. With questions at QB he will be the offense will go through Gore.

6. Andre Johnson- The best WR in the NFL. No arguement. Big, Stron, Fast with great hands.

7. Steven Jackson- Top back but my only worry is they have NOTHING around him. No Wrs, a rookie QB and bad offensive line. But he will still produce.

8. Michael Turner- Healthy and rest from being hurt last year I think Turner has a monster year. He has a chip on his shoulder and will run with a purpose.

9. Drew Brees- The Saint have a high octane offense and Brees is their leader. He will throw the ball all over the feild and should put up huge numbers once again.

10. Aaron Rodgers- Right there with Brees. Rodgers is the leader of one of the top offenses in the NFL and is primed to have a huge if not record breaking season.

Agree? Disagree? Join in and post your top 10

Tomorrow will do 11-20


  1. I still don't understand how QB's are left out of the conversation with fantasy football. Peyton Manning has got to be a Top 3 fantasy pick every year. He's consistent each week, is going to score points and will be there every game. Just my thoughts...

  2. The reason is that the difference in points from a 1st round Qb and a 5th round Qb isn't that significant. While the difference in points from a 1st round and 5th round RB is HUGE!!! You Get Brees in the 1st and get say 300pts...and take Mcnabb in the 8th and get 250. Take say Ray Rice in the 1st and get say 270 and take Jerome Harrison in the 5th and get 170 if that.